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Laws and facts on Alaska's cruel and bloody commercial hunting of Brown Bears

Examining the photographer
(by Jonathan Wiltshire)

The Ursus arctos is the oldest species of Bear in which all other species of Bears originated from. The Ursus arctos were once populated all over the Northern Hemisphere of Eurasia and North America sharing fishing and hunting grounds with that of our own ancestors, the Homosapien. Another name for the Ursus arctos is the Brown Bear or Grizzly.
Within many peoples around the world are certain memories of the Bear past on through our ancestrial lineage (DNA). The Bear has long been respected for its spiritual power through out the northern hemisphere through many ages, going all the way back to the most ancient of paleolithic societies (The beginnings of natural man). The power of the Bear is one of an animal that is in deep communion with the earth (nature). This is depicted in caves through out Europe of ancient carvings symbolising the relationship of the Goddess (Mother earth) suckling a Bear cub (Ursus arctos). The people of the Taiga believed the Bear to posses  the essence of "Bayannay" (Great Spirit). The Ainu of Hokkaido and Sakhalin had a similar belief that the Bear was the manifestation of God (spirit of the mountain in a different form) and amongst the many Paleoalithic societies and Indigenous peoples the Bear was considered most holy, possesing secret knowlege of plants and herbs and the ability to heal. Many of our religious beliefs of today were influenced by ancient beliefs about the Bear. One of these being the resurection and rebirth emerging from the Bears hibernation. Going into the cave (inside oneself) symbolically dying (sleeping) and then being reborn (waking up). People living amongst Bears is nothing new. It has been on going through the ages. In Paleolithic times the shamaness communicated with nature in many ways, often learning all the many languages of the different animals. Back then it was believed that the Bear was one of the most powerful animals a man or woman could commune with.
and it still is.


"The Threat of Man"

Part of our project is discovering the Bear for and not unfairly labeling the Bear as the film, and entertainment media industries have. Unfortunately the media has spread alot of misunderstandings and mass fear about The Brown Bear (Grizzly) has created a predatory illusion that haunts the minds and psyches of many men and women today. However the real story of the Brown Bear is one of an animal that has been battling to survive because of its greatest threat that of mankind. During my observations of Brown Bears I  discovered them to be extreamly intelligent and have witnessed them as each having unique personalities. Each Bear is different. They are a highly sensitive animal often avoiding conflicts (bluffing). They are highly emotional beings that can express emotions such as friendliness, love, affection, playfulness, sorrow and Joy. They posses all the known qaulities of a homosapien such as understanding, tollerance and politeness. 


I can't ignore the fact that these same Bears in Alaska, Canada and Russia are shot and murdered by Commercial Hunters and opportunistic poachers. This is such a tragedy to hear and witness for those of us who have spent many and wonderful moments observing Bears peacefully in their natural habitats.

What is happening in Alaska, Canada and Russia is that people are pay money to go out with a guide and Murder Bears in cold blood using guns and cross bows. This is known as Commercial Hunting.

Commercial Hunting of Bears takes place all over Alaska, Canada and Russia and even into designated areas of Nature Preserves and it is legal. We need strict laws to protect and preserve the once very large population of Brown Bears (Grizzly), which is now only confined to a few remote places of the world.

"The Message"

We need to stop the sick Murder of these beautiful animals and manage and preserve the wildlife within national parks, preserves and wildernesses in a more compassionate way. The Brown Bear is an emotional being and that I believe should be the first and foremost reason for providing them with protection and respect they so deserve. They are surely one of our last, great and oldest natural wonders of our world.   

"Join The Fight"


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She simply ignores us.
(Jonathan Wiltshire)

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Making off with the salmon
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Information will be available soon on the facts and laws pertaining to the hunting of Bears in Alaska.

Hokkaido Borwn Bear living it up
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Average number of Bears hunted per year.


Areas that Brown Bears are hunted


Part of our project involves learning about the emotinal side of the Bear, Educating people about Bears, spreading awareness and listing facts and laws on the hunting of Bears in Alaska.


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